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Our story

in 2016 my family and I relocated back to my hometown of Vancouver BC.  For me, it would be a return after 15 years of living in the United States and a few years in Asia.  It was a new experience for my wife and son who have only ever known living in big cities like Tokyo, Boston, and Los Angeles.  It was a difficult adjustment for us.

After a trip to the Gulf Islands we committed to redirect our creative energies.  We started a brand called Saturna Outdoor Research as a way to continue to design and make while being respectful of our natural surroundings.  We craft soaps, make small wooden accessories and housewares inspired by our trips to our favorite Gulf Island.

When we're not at a local market or covered in sawdust we're busy helping people with their own creative projects.  If you need help with anything from digital product design to sound design and apparel-  please connect with us.